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      Best Mattress Mould Removal Treatment

      Is your mattress bad these days? Can you recognise some tiny coloured dots on your mattress? These signs indicate the presence of mould in your mattress. Mould is a fungus that can be removed only after booking the mattress mould removal Whitemore service. You can’t expect the ordinary products to kill the mould. So, hire the professionals from Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart and get a clean mattress without incurring your efforts.

      We have a wide range of mattress cleaning services Whitemore that helps the people in the city to maintain a clean mattress. Our mattress mould removal services are popular because of the results we deliver in a quick time. We use the latest techniques and choose the right products to control the mould.

      If you are worried about the mould, just contact us on 0480030802. We will provide you with an effective mattress cleaning solution and a free quote too!

      Why should you Consider Booking Mattress Mould Removal?

      It is risky to sleep on a mattress that has mould on it. The fungal infestation does not only remain on the surface but goes deep inside the mattress. Regular vacuuming never works on the mould and you need to give a chemical treatment to kill its spores and destroy its membrane.

      Right from skin infections to the chest infections, various kinds of health-rated problems increase because of mould. Apart from the health, the fabric and the stuffing of the mattress also suffer a lot because of mould. The mould stains are difficult to remove and have a bad odour. The mattress becomes unsuitable for sleeping if you don’t remove the mould from the mattress. Dealing with mould is quite easy. You just need to book our mould removal services and get rid of the fungus for a long term.

      What’s the Process of Mattress Mould Removal?

      • An inspection is conducted by the expert to check the condition of the mattress. Right from the identification of the affected areas to the determination of moisture sources, the experts do it all in the inspection.
      • A vacuum cleaner with a highly advanced filter is used to remove the surface mould and other particles from the mattress.
      • Anti-fungal are used generously over the mattress to destroy the mould. The product is r\\ubbed in circular motion so that it settles down in the mattress properly. After a few minutes, the product starts working and mould starts to die. Lastly, the experts remove the mould from the mattress.
      • The mattress is sanitised at the end of the process. The sanitisation process helps in disinfecting the mattress.

      Why Choose Our Mattress Mould Removal Treatment?

      You can find many companies offering the mould removal treatment, but Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart has an edge over others. We provide different benefits to our clients that aim at increasing their comfort. Here are the pros of choosing us:

      • All the mattress cleaners associated with us are trustworthy and certified.
      • We offer budget-friendly mattress cleaning solutions to both commercial and residential places.
      • The produced used for mould removal will not irritate the skin or will not cause breathing difficulty.
      • Bookings can be done at any time in the day or night.
      • We are also available on bank holidays and weekends.
      • All the cleaning devices used by our team are well-maintained.

      5 Tips to Protect the Mattress from Mould

      • Humidity in the bedroom should be lowered down. To do so, you can keep a dehumidifier in the room.
      • Right from the pillow covers to the mattress covers, everything should be washed thoroughly with hot water. High temperature is essential to destroy the cells of fungus.
      • Try to avoid drinking beverages on the bed. Even pets should be kept a distance from the bed to minimise the chances of bed-wetting.
      • Whenever you notice the initial signs of mould infestation, book the mattress mould removal Whitemore service.
      • Air circulation and sufficient sunlight is important to restrict the growth of mould in the mattress. The fungus cannot tolerate the heat of the sunlight and dies naturally without the involvement of chemicals. Place the mattress outside on a sunny day so that the fungal cells are destroyed.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Mould Removal Services

      1. Is mattress mould removal a time-consuming process?

      It can take up to half an hour to destroy the mould. But you cannot use the bed before it dries up completely. Sometimes, the damage is too severe and experts take more time to clean the mattress.

      2. What is the price of your service?

      You can get a free quote for our services by contacting us. When it comes to prices, we can assure an affordable price range for the services.

      3. Can the mould come back after the treatment?

      Yes, mould can grow again if you don’t follow the preventive measures. Our experts will guide you with some amazing tips that are always useful in protecting the mattress from mould.

      4. Are mould removal products harmful?

      The experts remove mould from mattress by using safe and non-allergic products. It is made sure that very strong chemicals are avoided during the cleaning process.

      5. What is the procedure to book the mould removal service?

      To book our mattress professional cleaning service, you can click on the ‘Book Now’ button. Send us the details by filling in the form. For further inquiries, you can call us anytime.

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