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      The Perfect Way to Sanitize Your Mattress!

      Mattress stains are caused due to the different things that keep spoiling on it accidentally. Food stains, coffee stains, dirt particles, cosmetics stain, and many other stains keep on accumulating on the mattress surface. As time goes by, the mattress fabric loses its charm due to microorganisms residing on the mattress, causing an unpleasant odour too. This will deteriorate the mattress eventually. Hence, it is important to hire a professional Mattress Sanitizing Service Hobart to eliminate harmful pests and germs.

      Enjoy Peaceful Sleep with Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart!

      The regular vacuuming and dusting will not remove hidden stains, stubborn spots, and dust mites from your mattress. For that you will require an expert hand to successfully remove all dust mites and harmful bacteria. Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart offers the best Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing service at affordable prices. We take necessary actions to eradicate dust mites and prevent your mattress from mould spores and fungi.

      Mattress Sanitizing Steps Followed by Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart

      Experts at Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart are proficient in cleaning and sanitizing all types of mattresses with utmost care. Here are some of the steps we follow during the sanitization process:

      • Our staff reaches your place on time and insects your mattress thoroughly to find out the damaged areas.
      • Then, they apply stain removers on those particular areas. After a couple of minutes, the reaction to the solution can be seen.
      • A soft brush is used over the area to remove excess solution and dirt.
      • Lastly, the dirt is washed away from the mattress and vacuumed properly.
      • The mattress is dried thoroughly before being left to use.
      • We use a disinfectant on your mattress to neutralize all the odour that arises due to the presence of microorganisms.

      Trust in us to renew the look and feel of your mattress in the most hygienic way possible.

      We assure you that your mattress will shine like a new one after our Mattress Sanitizing Service. Call us to book your appointment and enjoy the goodness of our professionalism.

      Why Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart is the best for you?

      There are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional mattress cleaning company to deep clean your mattress.

      • You will get the best possible results at the hands of Mattress Cleaning experts.
      • We have years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing mattresses.
      • Our products and techniques are non-toxic and completely safe for kids and pets.
      • All our staff is trained, certified, and skilled to perform Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing services.
      • We undertake same-day as well as emergency appointments.
      • Our priority is to deliver germ-free mattresses without causing you any trouble.
      • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
      • We use the latest tools to remove water from your mattresses.
      • Our mattress cleaning services are reasonably priced.
      • We are available at your service 24x7 all days of the week.

      Moreover, we value customer’s satisfaction and happiness during every work that we undertake. Our cleaners will put down their tools only when you are satisfied with their mattress cleaning services. Providing you a healthy living environment is our prime focus at Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart. Call us today to get a free consultation on mattress maintenance.

      How does our Mattress Sanitization Process work?

      Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart follows a 3-step process to perfectly sanitize your mattresses.

      Step 1: Dry Vacuum

      Firstly, our experts use industrial high-powered vacuum cleaners to remove dust mites and germs a small as 0.2 micron to be sucked and filtered. Regular vacuum machines do not come with the HEPA filtration mechanism. With industrial vacuum cleaners, all the minute dust particles get trapped in the machine easily.

      Step 2: Ultraviolet Exposure

      When dust mites and microbes are exposed to UV-C even for two seconds they get destroyed. It has the capability to break the life cycle of the dust mites by destroying their eggs. Almost 99% of dust mites can be eliminated with ultraviolet light exposure.

      Step 3: Steam Cleaning

      Steam cleaning the mattress uses colourless steam to deodorize the corners and surface of the mattress. This process gives a fresh look to the mattress and drying is also faster in this process.

      Contact Gold Mattress Cleaning Hobart to effectively revive the appearance of your mattress. Trust our expertise to give your mattress the best care and maintenance. We have dealt with all kinds of mattresses and all types of damages. Our services promise to restore the freshness in your mattress and make them germ-free.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      1. What is the need to sanitize mattresses?
      Answer: We spend our time relaxing and sleeping on the mattresses, babies tend to grow in their sleep, we rejuvenate during our sleep. But a mattress which is older than 6 months will have dust mites and bacteria on it for sure. It is important to clean and sanitize it regularly to prevent allergic reactions.

      2. How much time will be required to sanitize the mattress?
      Answer: Generally, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to sanitize a single mattress. After we clean the mattress, we apply a natural spray, which is non-toxic, to deodorize the mattress. You can use the mattress within a few minutes of the application.

      3. If I have allergies, will the process be harmful for me?
      Answer: Not at all. Our mattress cleaning procedures are safe for adults, kids, pets, and the environment. In fact, after the cleaning process the air quality in your home will improve and your allergies will also be reduced.

      4. Can bedbugs be removed with mattress sanitization process?
      Answer: Yes, bedbugs and other harmful microorganisms can be removed with our sanitization process. Our cleaning machines suck out all the dust mites and germs, leaving your mattress clean and fresh.

      5. Will vacuuming clean my mattress well?
      Answer: Ordinary household vacuum machines do not have the power to remove dust mites and harmful microbes stuck deep within the mattress fabric. Also, there is no option to deeply sanitize the mattress with household solutions. A professional Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing service is essential to maintain the quality of your mattress and improve your living conditions.

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